The CNC punch machines with vibration isolation allow working at maximum equipment capacity, equipment and components lifetime increase and low vibration transmitted to the environment, to reach all results listed a simple vibration damper installation are enough to that.

puncionadeira isolada

As example we show this equipment with the use of stabilization beams, this assembly allow the isolation with lower equipment freedom of degree without the necessity of inertial base use, and also create an adequate stiffness structure, that increases the dampers level of attenuation.

We recommend the vibration dampers being installed in the end of the beams, to reduce even more the freedom of degree and create an easier assembly process.

amortecedor de vibração na extremidade da viga de apoio

In this example it was used RISASPRINGS vibration dampers with 2Hz natural frequency with central piston to adjust stiffness.

amortecedor para isolação de puncionadeira cmc