Impacts and vibrations caused by forging processes are one of the most problematic conditions to it’s use, for several reasons, environmental restrictions, safety and comfort and etc.

One of the most efficient forms to treat this problem are the use of vibration dampers together with designed inertial bases, considering the type of the equipment, part being forged and required vibration level.

Metallic inertial bases are smaller then steel reinforced concrete inertial bases, with can be a better option in therm of the budget to the civil intervention necessary for their application, but can be much more expensive when compare to concrete structures, we can analyze each case and together with the costumer decide which option are the best.

martelo de forja

base inercial em aço com amortecedor

In this example we can see the use of RISASPRINGS vibration dampers with a metallic inertial base, to avoid excessive freedom of degree from the equipment and also provide the require isolation level.

amortecedor de vibração risasprings