The use of inertial bases in air conditioning systems is very common and necessary to a correct vibration control and comfort for environmental conditions.

bomba de agua

bomba de agua

Disregarding the type of the pump used in the air conditioning system, the vibration dampers and inertial base design follow the same path:

a) Pump type (single bloc, multi bloc, in-line and etc.)

b) Equipment total mass

c) GC (Gravity Center) equipment localization

d) Support points quantity

e) Equipment dynamic load

f) Equipment dynamic load distribution in Cartesian (X // Y // Z // XX // YY // ZZ)

g) System manometric height

h) Fe (excitation frequency) from the equipment

i) Fe variation (if applicable)

j) Vibration level produced by the pump

k) Maximum vibration level requested in installation area

l) If the system can be subjected to “Hydraulic Hammer”

With all those data above, we can develop the vibration dampers and inertial base design, and also the manufacturing.

Our method to design and produce an inertial base structure is avoiding resonances between the equipment and the inertial base, and also creating a “monolithic” structure with the correct stiffness, that will allow the vibration dampers offer the maximum possible result. With this basic condition reached and considering the inertial base dimensions, we design the structure with the steel reinforcement concrete, support the internal loads and stresses.

estrutura metálica de base inercial

After the inertial base manufacturing considering the vibration damper required (2Hz, 3Hz or 5Hz), we design and weld the damper support to correct GC (Gravity Center) localization.

Many times our costumer decide acquire the inertial base from without the concrete, only the metallic structure and adding concrete by themselves, or we can manufacturer the complete inertical base with concrete as following examples:

estrutura metálica base inercial

base inercial concretada