We had the privilege in this project work with companies as Voith Paper and Klabin Paper Industries to with our vibration dampers isolate the larger cellulose refiner in Latin America.

This equipment work with a 7.000kVA electric engine and a inertial base in steel reinforced concrete with a total mass 200.000Kg.

refinador de celulose

refinador de celulose

All system was supported by RISASPRINGS vibration dampers in helical springs and central piston to control the damper natural frequency adjust.

amortecedor de molas risasprings

One extra challenge created by this project was in an eventual refiner emergency lock condition, the entire system could be exposed to extreme high dynamic loads condition, to avoid damages to the equipment, structure or inertial base, we design and manufacturer lateral stops with vibration isolation, that didn’t transmit vibrations to the structure but protect the system to this dynamic load condition.

batentes laterais elastoméricos

Considering the size of the project, our vibration dampers were designed to a lifetime no less than 10 years.