In this project we develop RISASPRINGS TMD’s (Tuned Mass Dampers) in walkway between the “Mineirão” stadium and multi sport center “Mineirinho” in Belo Horizonte City – MG – Brazil.

passarela mineirão

This walkway was designed to allow a great people volume in events as World Cup and shows, and yet being a light and slender structure, a construction with conservative budget and safe to national standards.

vista inferior passarela

The idea in use TMD’s in this structure was protect against excitation in their own natural frequency, the TMD’s was designed considering the walkway structural frequency with the opposite phase, to protect in the eventuality the structure be excited in a frequency next to the structural natural.

RISASPRINGS developed with national technology the TMD’s manufacturing following international standards and safety regulations, was applied two TMD’s in each walkway span, creating the dynamic protection against resonant frequencies.

TMD risasprings

TMD's risasprings

To guaranteed the final result in the structure, we developed measurements with accelerometers and seismographs, with that we could check the TMD’s efficiency in 86% structural displacement reduction.

teste TMD's acelerômetro

With the use of RISASPRINGS TMD’s we could guaranteed a safer condition and a maximum lifetime in this walkway.