In this project we had the opportunity to develop a custom solution to be applied to avoid vibrations in this electrical panels onboard in high capacity crane.

This is a sulfur unloading crane installed at Santos port area in Brazil, it was a German manufacturer who design and built this equipment, the crane structure ware correctly designed but offer a high freedom of degree and low stiffness to the electrical panels, what causes a high level of vibration transmitted from the crane structure to the panels, causing premature electrical elements lifetime.

guindaste amarelo

painel elétrico embarcado rígido

To reduce those “passive vibrations”, the first ideal are we using a inertial base and vibrations dampers, this was impossible in this case because a load raise to the crane structure was not considered, our engineering department develop vibration dampers considering the panel as a inertial base, creating flexible supporting above panels GC (gravity center) and also flexible suspension under the structure to balance the new isolated panels.

painel isolado com pendurais flexíveis

pendural flexível risasprings

coxim elastomérico

We also create multi directional vibration dampers to be used in back panel area to help a more balanced and secure isolated electrical panels.

coxim multidirecional

With this new system the equipment are able to operate without any structural major changes, and the electrical components in the panel operating with full lifetime, don’t be more harmful through the structural vibration.