In this project we developed the vibration dampers design in an Arisa Press, an equipment with lower mass considering similar equipments on market and with high productivity capacity, that reason this is considered an equipment that transmit high levels of vibration and dynamic loads to the foundations.

To reduce this vibration transmissibility RISASPRINGS designed a special vibration damper with helical springs and two pistons in each damper, with that solution we were able to reduce the vibrations to the required level by CETESB-SP (environmental agency) in 0,30mm/s to transmissions to neighbor buildings.

prensa excêntrica avisa

The the vibration dampers assembly, was used hydraulic portico to allow lifting the press, with that the damper installation was made in a single day, our dampers was also designed and manufactured to the available space in the equipment, avoiding the needed of civil constructions interference.

amortecedores em prensa arisa

In this case the equipment was subjected to a high dynamic load variation caused by the different stamping parts, that was corrected by the adjustment in our pistons in each vibration damper.

amortecedor risasprings