Vibration problems in stamping industries are very common to any type of work or parts production, but solving those problems to attend environmental and comfort standards or legal necessities are no challenge nowadays.

prensas excêntricas

This stamping industry produced parts and pieces to a big home appliances manufacturer, with several eccentric presses from 60T to 250T, due proximity to houses in neighbor, this industry make an intervention in all equipments to reduce the vibration levels to this houses below the environmental agency (CETESB-SP) requires as 0,30mm/s, in according the following orientative table:

tabela referência de vibração cetesb-sp

In this case was made a study to map the neighbor with accelerometers to determinate the vibration levels caused by each press, after this mapping we were able to design the correct vibration dampers to reach the necessary isolation level in each produced part, to allow the company work in according legal requirements and doesn’t cause any inconvenience to the houses next to the company.

níveis vibracionais encontrados

As we can see in the measurement table, the value of 0,447mm/s (only 25% above the permitted level of 0,30mm/s) it was a challenge to reach this reduction, considering the fragile structure that many houses had.

We used in all equipments vibration dampers with helical springs in 1,8Hz as natural frequency and central pistons to adjust the freedom of degree, in all parts produced.

amortecedor em prensa excêntrica

amortecedor em presa excêntrica

amortecedor em presa excêntrica

With this we could reach the vibration levels required without any other interference, as we can see in the measurement below after the vibration dampers installation:

tabela de medição de vibrações